Join me in August for a week-long small group session writing songs!

We’ll learn skills like:

-the basics of crafting a song
-making a good song into a  great song
-lyric writing
-melody work
-where to find inspiration
-fighting writer’s block

Have songs you want reworked? Bring your guitar or other portable instrument along and you’ll have a chance to play for me privately or for the group. We’ll learn new skills and immediately put them into practice! I’ll have a keyboard onsite of course, but you may want to bring your own setup.

$125 to register (via Paypal or Square)
Sessions will be at my house in northern Virginia. Message for address.

Please e-mail me with your experience level and any topics you would like to cover. 


Show announced: FULL BAND April 6 @ Iota Club & Cafe

So excited to finally be playing with Norman Rockwell and at the lovely Iota club in Arlington, and BEST OF ALL, with a full band!!!  No one has heard this set before (‘cuz it ain’t on that CD) – of course you want to be the first, right? I hope to see you in the crowd with a beverage in hand, taking in the sparkly Iota lights and groovy tunes on April 6.  View show details

Let’s hang out!




This is an organization I have been supporting for the last…

This is an organization I have been supporting for the last year. I invite you to watch this video and join me by doing whatever you can to spread the word—and this video—and donate or volunteer. 

Just to put it into perspective, there are 27 MILLION PEOPLE in modern-day slavery right now. Of these, a trafficked human has one percent chance of being rescued from trafficking. One percent. YOU can help this by:

1. Spreading awareness

2. Contacting and working with lawmakers/enforcement

3. Paying attention

4. Affirming value to the people around you, especially young women and your children. Words are lifechanging. 

5. Read up about Proposition 35, on the ballot this November. 

You can’t watch this and not be moved, can you? So let’s do something together.