IMG_0453Echoes of the sweetness of Joni Mitchell and the urgency of Alanis Morissette can be found wrapped in Eileen Graham’s wide-ranging voice. But this singer-songwriter sings her own song. Her signature fast vibrato, sultry overtones and aching sky-high notes are said to “capture audiences with her pure and emotionally-loaded sound,” (Beyond Race Magazine).¬†Her album, One of Those Girls (2012), is an honest and simply done, piano-driven collection that feels cozy, reminiscent of a cup of tea shared with your best friend. Produced by My Favorite Highway frontman Dave Cook (O.A.R., Paradise Fears), the debut solo journey is colored by delightful hooks and a wash of uncertainty, leaving listeners transfixed. In 2014, Graham reached #1 on the regional pop charts.

After years of performing as a solo acoustic act, Graham formed a band in college under the name Noble Air (previously YouMe&theShaker) which scored a deal with 80 One Records.¬†Graham was later featured on the premiere webside of Aux Send, landing in the Top 10 of New & Noteworthy Artists on iTunes in 2011. After a band breakup and losing her voice for an entire week, Graham had a now-or-never moment, deciding to re-launch her solo career. “I was pretty terrified, but I couldn’t stand the idea of not doing music or not singing again, even if I no longer had a band behind me. I had just gotten used to the collaboration and camaraderie with others and began to lose my voice – literally and figuratively-speaking. I realized I needed to get back to what I’m supposed to be doing and refocus,” she says.

“This is the first album in which I felt like my vision was put into place,” she says, noting that all songs were produced with just keys, guitar, vocals and a few loops. “The entire project is left bare-faced and open to interpretation, just like many of the stories I tell.”