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The inspiration for “Woman Breaker” came after I was reflecting on a story my friend told me. She had been sexually assaulted. I just couldn’t let it go, the fact that my sweet, sweet friend had something taken from her so unjustly. It affected her profoundly. And the man who did that was able to just walk away.

Being a woman myself, I realize what happened to her could have easily happened to me. It could still happen. Studies suggest that 1 in 6 women will become a victim of sexual assault in her lifetime. And the statistics worsen over the course of a college career.

So I did the only thing I could think to do — write a song to give a voice to the millions of victims across the world who have experienced something just like this. Because honestly, this happens far too often for it to be acknowledged so little. I wanted to humanize these courageous survivors and provide an opportunity to address their attackers directly. I hope this idea —  that women are people to be valued —  runs wild.

The song is called “Woman Breaker” because that’s what often happens when we have our sexuality and innocence stolen from us. We feel broken. But in the end, the healing is up to us. It’s also up to us to keep fighting the stigmas surrounding sexual violence. RAINN is a huge resource for victims and I just knew I had to get them involved. They’ve helped me realize that there’s something I can do — something we can all do, to affect change. So let’s do something, together. 

Get involved in the campaign with RAINN here.