PRIVATE VOICE LESSONS IN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Have you ever wanted to learn to sing but thought you were tone-deaf? Don’t believe it! I’ve been singing for more than 15 years and have learned from experience that all can learn to sing – it just comes down to learning to truly LISTEN. As a professional voice coach, I’ve seen incredible changes in my students who have dedicated themselves to learning how to control their voices.

You’ll learn:

  • How to save your voice for upcoming performances
  • Exercises to widen your range & strengthen your sound
  • How to hit notes you thought were out of your range!
  • Easy warmups you can do on-the-go
  • What you can do when you find yourself going flat or sharp on a note
  • Improved pitch and accuracy
  • How to deal with nerves
  • Basic music theory
  • Audition and performance preparation
  • How to find “the beat” when you “have no rhythm”
  • Where your voice has been hiding all these years
  • And much more!

PRIVATE SONGWRITING SESSIONS IN NASHVILLE  Let me walk with you on your songwriting journey! Writing can be a fantastic way to dive deeper as a creative artist and it gives a greater understanding of how music works and ultimately, how we work together as musicians. You’ll have my full attention as we explore

  • The basics of crafting a strong song: what makes killer choruses, pre-choruses, bridges and musical interludes
  • Finding your own voice
  • Different song formats
  • Breaking out of writer’s block
  • Telling a story
  • Where to get inspiration
  • How to write with others

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Eileen. Even though learning a new instrument can be frustrating, Eileen made it fun! I always looked forward to my lessons. She was encouraging while also challenging me to be better and to accomplish things I didn’t think I could do. Any time she saw that I was getting discouraged, she would quickly adjust and find new ways to keep me engaged. With my new love of guitar, I will keep learning. She’s also incredibly talented and an amazing person to top it all off!”

“Eileen has been a wonderful voice teacher and sound board for me over the past year – I have learned so much from her in regards to singing, songwriting, technique, performance and what it’s like overall to be a recording artist. By stressing the importance of dynamics and the three types of voices, I have noticed a marked improvement in my singing and have progressed rapidly in my artistic development!”

“Eileen has been the best voice teacher I’ve ever had. She not only helped me increase my range and improve my technique dramatically, but she also taught me how to write songs and gave me tips on what to do when you are performing.”

“I can’t say how much I loved my lessons with Eileen! She has taught me sooo much, and on top of helping train my ear, and teach me many vocal techniques, she has given me confidence that I never had before, both in singing and in my day to day life. I highly recommend her!”

“The true value of working with Eileen is that she is so invested in her students. She picked songs and music to work on to fit my voice range and personality. All her students were encouraged to perform in order to build confidence performing before an audience. I am now residing in another state and have taken up voice lessons again, and have been able to practice and improve on all the techniques that I have learned studying with Eileen. I wish you all the very best Eileen, thanks for teaching me I could sing!”

“Eileen has taught me so much about improving my vocal performance and being confident as a performer and a writer. She has inspired me to keep singing and writing songs of my own. Not only is she a great vocal instructor, but a very genuine and kind person in general. I would highly recommend Eileen to anyone looking to better their vocal capabilities.”

“I loved taking classes with Eileen. I got to learn new techniques I wouldn’t have even thought about without her! I learned new ways to always improve every single class! Before I started taking lessons with Eileen I was a bit stage shy but she taught me how to be performance ready! I loved taking classes with Eileen! I would recommend her in a heart beat!”

“As a student of Eileen, I liked that she was opened to helping me with the type of music I liked. Also teaching me a way to sing better with exercises that challenged me into a more knowledgeable singer.”

READY TO LEARN HOW TO SING? LET’S GET STARTED. All private lessons will be at my studio in Nashville, TN. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, and we can warm up properly, do some ear training, learn a song… maybe start writing one! You can tell me what you want to learn or let me evaluate you and help you progress as a singer.

  • Buy a 5-pack of 45-minute lessons for only $225
  • Want to just try it out? Get a single consultation session for $60
  • Great for all levels of experience, ages 10 and up

To schedule lessons, e-mail here. For more information on lessons, click Lesson Policies below.